The Sarah Foundation in the UK was originally founded in response to an inspiring initiative of a fourteen year old British Pakistani, Sarah Francis.

Moved by the plight of Pakistan’s Afghan refugees, in 2001 and 2002, Sarah used her talents to bring their needs to the attention of a worldwide audience and successfully raised over ten thousand pounds for their education. For creating music that bridged cultural gaps and for promoting Pakistan as a nation that sought peace, Sarah was awarded the UK’s prestigious Young Philanthropist Beacon Award, which she received at a ceremony hosted in 2003 by Rt. Hon.Gordon Brown MP at 11 Downing Street, London.

The Sarah Foundation's trustees support small scale effective responses to overseas disasters and fosters the use of the arts in their crucial role in promoting social cohesion between groups that otherwise do not know one another or are divided by fear and misunderstanding .

The Sarah Foundation continues to have a particularly close relationship with The Sarah Foundation Pakistan.


The Sarah Foundation Pakistan was established as a direct response to the philanthropic work of fourteen year old Sarah Francis, whose young life inspired many to realise they they could actually do something to make the world a better place for others.

From it's inception,The Sarah Foundation Pakistan has been involved in long lasting grassroots initiatives and has sought out those who are overlooked by larger campaigns or projects.

In 2005 the Foundation delivered aid to victims of the Quake, especially to those families scattered across low lying hills, who were forced to watch relief trucks roll past them on the way to others stranded at higher altitudes. The Foundation has not only responded to immediate humanitarian need but has also given equipment or small grants to enable people to become self sufficient.

Educational grants are a significant focus as well as the development of skills in the performing arts which are tools of effective communication, especially in our electronic media driven age. What is more, the Sarah Foundation Pakistan is often a driving force in fostering social sohesion and is pleased to have the assistance of this sister organisation to further its aims in Pakistan.

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